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2023 Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild Gem Show

The Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild 2023 Gem Show
The Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild 2023 Gem Show Details

Busy Season

Wow, there’s a lot going on in the days ahead! We’re excited to share the details of our upcoming events, especially our October monthly meeting that is just around the corner.


📅 November Monthly Meeting

  • Date: November 12, 2023
  • Time: 1pm
  • Address: 6723 SW 81st St, Miami, FL 33143 (Behind THE BIG CHEESE)


🚗 Parking Note:

  • Please ensure to park in our parking lot and not the restaurant’s.


🎉 What’s in Store?

This month’s presentation will be by renowned FIU geology professor Florentin Murrasse. The title of his talk is “Evidence of the Asteroid Impact on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and the  Catastrophe that Caused the Demise of the Dinosaurs.” He will also bring samples of the tektites produced by the impact. 


A Word From Acting President Sandy Mielke

We’re getting really busy here! Many of you folks missed our Oct 29 Tri-county Picnic. The ham and turkey were outstanding. The “swap & sell” selections were superb. The raffle prizes were extraordinary. We had a really great time! We hope that more of our members are able to participate with the next one – early in the New Year.

Our November meeting on the 12th will feature a very special guest presenter, Dr. Florentin Murrasse from FIU – explaining what really happened on the day the dinosaurs died. Please be aware that, out of respect for Dr. Murrasse, late-comers will not be allowed into the meeting room while he is speaking. Please govern yourselves accordingly!

As previously announced, the GEM & MINERAL SOCIETY OF THE PALM BEACHES will present their annual SHOW on Nov 18 & 19 at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. It’s an event well worth the drive.

Our own show, of course, is taking place Dec 2 & 3 at the WESTCHESTER CULTURAL ARTS CENTER, located at the Bird Road entrance to Tropical Park. We’ll email you more details later in the month. We were booked FULL for vendors, but we’ve had one cancellation – so we have just three tables available! (If you’re interested, email us at

‘See you at the meeting!


Join us for an afternoon of fun, learning, and community! We can’t wait to see you there and celebrate the busy, glowing season together! ✨

A Glimpse into the Mystical World of Dino Gembone

During our last meeting, we were honored to host Alan Meltzer, a renowned mineral collector and curator. Alan brought to life the enigmatic beauty of Dino Gembone, a vibrantly colorful variety of Petrified dinosaur bone. Here’s a visual recap of the mesmerizing show-and-tell that unveiled the ancient and mystical world encapsulated in these stunning relics of time.