Founded in 1954, the Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild is a dedicated community committed to the advancement of geology, mineralogy, gemology, and lapidary crafts in South Florida.

Our History
We started our journey co-located with the Museum of Science at the old Vizcaya site. In 1972, we earned our 501(c)(3) status, formalizing our commitment to education and community engagement in the geological arts and sciences.

Our Mission
We aim to foster interest and provide education in the fields of geology, mineralogy, gemology, and related subjects. We’re not just about studying; we’re about hands-on experience, discovery, and connecting a community of enthusiasts and professionals.

Our Affiliations
As an affiliate of the EASTERN FEDERATION OF MINERALOGICAL AND LAPIDARY SOCIETIES and the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MINERALOGICAL SOCIETIES, we’re part of a national network that shares resources, knowledge, and passion for the earth’s hidden treasures.

Join Us
We welcome enthusiasts of all levels to join us in exploring, learning, and celebrating the rich geological wonders our world has to offer.