The Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild (MMLG) is profoundly honored to be affiliated with two renowned organizations in the field of Earth Sciences: The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) and The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc. (EFMLS). These affiliations enrich our guild, fostering an environment of shared knowledge, resources, and collaborative initiatives.

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS)

The AFMS is a prestigious organization committed to propagating interest and education in Earth Sciences, focusing on Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Lapidary, and other related fields. Our affiliation with AFMS enables MMLG members to be part of a vibrant international network of societies and federations, boosting international goodwill and fellowship.

AFMS Mission: AFMS strives to be a leading force in promoting and educating various Earth Sciences. The organization is dedicated to coordinating efforts of individuals, groups, and societies internationally, driving global harmony and shared knowledge in the fascinating realms of Geology, Mineralogy, and beyond.

Learn More about AFMS (hyperlinked to AFMS official website)

The Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc. (EFMLS)

The MMLG is equally privileged to be connected with EFMLS, an organization steadfast in its commitment to supporting and ensuring the success of its Affiliate Member Societies and Mineralogical Related Organizations (MRO’s) within their communities.

EFMLS Mission: EFMLS is dedicated to being a supportive pillar for its affiliates, empowering them to flourish and make a significant contribution in their respective communities. The federation is a haven where learning, discovery, and appreciation for Earth Sciences are amplified.

Learn More about EFMLS (hyperlinked to EFMLS official website)

Our Collective Endeavor

Being in alliance with both AFMS and EFMLS, the MMLG stands as a beacon of learning, discovery, and community engagement. We are devoted to not only nurturing the intellectual and creative pursuits of our members but also to contributing significantly to the global dialogue and advancements in Earth Sciences.

Join us in this exciting journey where we explore, discover, and cherish the enchanting world of minerals, rocks, and fossils. Together, we are forging a future where the wonders of Earth Sciences are accessible, appreciated, and celebrated by all.