Meet Our Leadership Team

Get to know the dedicated officers and board members who are the pillars of the Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild. Each brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and commitment to our community, ensuring that we continue to flourish and explore new horizons together.

Executive Officers

  • Acting President: Sandy Mielke
    Sandy’s passion and leadership anchor our guild, infusing it with energy, vision, and purpose.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dianne Mielke
    Dianne’s precision and dedication ensure our operations and finances are as streamlined as they are transparent.

Board of Trustees

Our trustees are the guardians of our guild’s mission, ensuring that we stay true to our roots while embracing the future with innovation and excitement.

Serving Through 2023:

  • Lauren Kairalla:
  • Adam Lawrence:
  • Lorain Dudley:

Serving Through 2024:

  • Yani Mora:
  • Stephany Cuellar:
  • Suzanne Banas:

Join Our Journey

Every member of our leadership team is dedicated to nurturing a space where passion for mineralogy and lapidary arts is matched by a spirit of community and discovery. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where every stone turned unveils a story, and every face you meet becomes a part of your journey.

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